Professor, Vehicle and Mobile Machinery Engineering

Professor, Vehicle and Mobile Machinery Engineering

Job Title, Field and Location

The position is a Professor in Vehicle and Mobile Machinery Engineering, especially Construction Technology and Product Development. In the position the knowledge of Engineering Mechanics, Vehicle Dynamics and Power Transmission Solutions are valuated. Management of Heavy Vehicle Traffic Safety, knowledge of Engine Technology, Autonomous Vehicles and Mobile Machines, Intelligent Solutions as well as Utilization of Digitalization in Product Development and Life Cycle Management are considered as merits.

The position is located in the Machine Design Research Unit, where the task is to lead the vehicles and mobile machines engineering research team. In the research unit, there is a Professor of Machine Design, a University Teacher, Researchers and PhD Students. Total personnel of the unit is about 15. Vehicle and Mobile Machines Engineering team has currently ten researchers. Some of them are PhD Students. In addition to the research laboratories of the faculty, the Vehicle and Mobile Machinery Engineering team has a heavy truck and different kinds of research and measuring equipment. Several research units give the teaching for the Degree Program of Mechanical Engineering, which is responsible of content of the program. The program grants approximately 60 M.Sc. (Eng.) degrees annually.

The Machine Design Research Unit supports the research in the Faculty of Technology in a versatile manner. Steel and Metal Engineering and Machine Design expertise support the faculty's steel research. Vehicle and Mobile Machinery Engineering Research support the research of Construction Automation and Mining. The Machine Design Research Unit provides several courses for the Degree Programs of Construction and Mechanical Engineering.

Job Responsibilities, Required Qualifications and Language Proficiency

The Professor is responsible for the research and teaching in Vehicle and Mobile Machinery Engineering, and to develop teaching together with researchers and teachers in other study areas. The candidate is required to have an in-depth knowledge and evidence of research-based teaching in the field. The candidate is expected to have strong evidence of national and international networking, as well as planning of international and national projects, acquiring extramural funding (e.g. industrial financing, Business Finland, Academy of Finland, EU funding programs, others) and leadership. The applicant is also expected to be active in scientific and have experience in supervising doctoral dissertations in the field. Industrial experience and industrial contact networks are considered as merits.

When assessing the applicants, the merits that are taken into consideration include scientific publications and other research results with scientific value, artistic merits, success in acquiring supplementary research funding, experience in leading research groups, teaching experience and pedagogical training, the skill to create teaching material, other teaching merits, the demonstration lecture, and the supervised doctoral theses. In addition, the following merits will be taken into consideration: the applicant’s activity in the scientific community and university administrative tasks, practical experience, success in applying for supplementary research funding, evidence of cooperation in the field and scientific work abroad, international duties as well as management and interaction skills.

The teaching language at the University of Oulu is Finnish. It is also possible to teach in English.


The salary will be based on the levels 8 – 10 of the demand level chart for teaching and research staff of Finnish universities. In addition, a salary component based on personal work performance will be paid (maximum of 46.3 % of the job-specific component).

Application Procedure

Applications, including the attachments in English, should be submitted by 10.8.2018, using the electronic application form.All material, including publications, should be submitted electronically.

The position is filled as of 1.12.2018 or as soon as possible thereafter. A trial period of six (6) months is applied in the position.

The following documents must be attached to the application for expert assessment purposes:

  1. A brief curriculum vitae according to the guidelines of the Finnish Advisory board on Research Integrity (TENK):;
  2. A list of publications according to the guidelines of the Academy of Finland:
  3. A brief research and action plan in English (max 5 pages).
  4. At most fifteen (15) publications or other works (preferably as a single pdf file), which should be numbered in accordance with the list of publications, which the applicant wants to be taken into account when assessing his/her qualifications and merits.

Before being officially accepted for the position, the successful applicant must present his/her original degree diplomas or certified copies thereof, as well as a signed curriculum vitae, to the faculty.

Expert Assessment

The Dean will select at least two experts to be consulted regarding the selection process. When selecting the experts, the respective specializations of the applicants in the field are taken into consideration, and general fairness is observed otherwise as well.

The applicants are informed about the selection of the experts.

Demonstration Lecture and Interview

The recruitment committee will, if needed, interview the applicants that they consider best and arrange the demonstration lectures when necessary.

Official Employment

The Dean will make her proposition on the basis of the proposition of the recruitment committee and submits this, justifications and attachments included, to the Vice Rector, who will make the decision concerning the employment of the successful applicant.

Contact Information

In order to receive the information and announcements issued in the course of the selection process, the applicant should provide the faculty with the necessary contact information as follows: address, telephone number at work and at home and email address.

Further details are available from:

Professor Juhani Niskanen, tel. +358 (0)29 448 2081, e-mail: juhani.niskanen(at)

Dean, professor Riitta Keiski, tel. +358 (0)29 448 2348, e-mail: riitta.keiski(at)

Basic Regulations

University Law (558/2009) and Statute (770/2009), the Regulations of the University of Oulu (23.11.2015).

Updated 28.6.2018 and 29.6.2018

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