Professor of Marketing in Automotive Business

The University of Oulu is an international scientific community with 15,000 students and approximately 3,000 employees. The University of Oulu is an international science university which creates innovation for the future, well-being, and knowledge through research and education. The Oulu Business School at the University of Oulu is an AACSB accredited international research and educational institute. It is one of the eight faculties within the University of Oulu, the second largest multidisciplinary university in Finland. The Oulu Business School has approximately 1450 students and 100 faculty and staff members.It offers degrees of Bachelor of Science in business administration and Master of Science in business administration with majors in accounting, finance, economics, international business management and in marketing. It has five international MSc programs and a PhD program.

Vacancy of Professor of Marketing in Automotive Business

Three-year fixed term appointment with 50% work load

Job Description and Location

This position includes research, teaching and active engagement with the surrounding business life. The professor is responsible for developing research in automotive business at the University of Oulu Business School. Together with the other professors in the business school, the professor is expected to participate in the design and development of new creative research and learning environments and infrastructures at the University of Oulu.

The professor is expected to conduct research focusing on automotive business and to apply external research funding. The University’s Faculty of Technology has expertise related to the automotive industry. The Professorship of Marketing in Automotive Business at the University of Oulu Business School will partly complement this expertise. The main focus of the professor’s research, however, will be concentrated on business subjects.  In particular, emerging digitalization involving both vehicles and their selling, maintenance and use provide opportunities for bringing the competences together. It also paves a road for service-based business strategies and changes the traditional roles of vehicle dealers, buyers and owners.  Smart traffic, including autonomous vehicles, will further strengthen the needs to address not only logistics related issues, but also service modularization, platform-based businesses and value-driven market change.

For education, the professor is expected to take part in core teaching of the school and develop contents into the existing programs of the business school.

The professor is also expected to collaborate with the surrounding businesses and the larger society to advance the dissemination of research findings and their impact to promote well-being and competitiveness in society.

The post is located at the Oulu Business School’s research unit Marketing, management and international business. The research unit consists of approximately 50 faculty members and hosts MSc programs in marketing, international business, and management. Marketing research of the unit has been focused on e.g. business marketing, digital business and logistics services.

Responsibilities, Required Qualifications and Language Skills

Within the part-time (50%) working hours (812 hours per annum) and an annually confirmed working plan, the professor shall teach in the business school’s introductory, intermediate and advanced level courses and supervise theses.

According to section 33 of the Universities Act, a professor shall carry out and supervise scientific research work, give teaching based on it, follow developments in science, and take part in societal interaction and international cooperation.

An applicant to be appointed as a professor must have a doctoral degree, high-level scientific competence, experience in leading scientific research, an ability to supervise theses and give high-level instruction based on research, and proof of international cooperation in the field of research that he or she represents. Applicant must also demonstrate good ability to collaborate with the surrounding business community and to connect research and education into practise.

When assessing the applicants’ merits, issues taken into consideration include scientific publications and other research results with scientific value, teaching experience and pedagogical training, skills to produce learning materials, other merits achieved in the teaching profession, a demonstration lecture and doctoral theses supervised by the applicant. We expect the successful candidate to have experience of leading high-level research work and planning and implementation of research projects, as well as proof of efficient acquisition of research funding. In addition, the following issues will also be taken into account: practical familiarity with the field of duties assigned to the position, scientific work abroad, international activities and engagement with the businesses and surrounding society.

The language proficiency requirements are defined in the Government Decree on Universities (770/2009). For university teaching and research positions in Finland, a full command of the teaching language, Finnish or Swedish, is required. The language of instruction at the University of Oulu is Finnish, and the degrees are awarded in Finnish. Teaching may also be given in English. If the successful applicant is not proficient in Finnish, he or she is expected to acquire moderate proficiency within two years after the selection, as this is essential for the professor’s duties as well as for integration into the workplace and Finnish society. 

Special attention will be paid to the applicants’ mastery of English.


The salary will be set on levels 8-10 of the demand level chart for teaching and research staff of Finnish universities. In addition, a salary component based on personal work performance will be paid (maximum of 50% of the job-specific component). In practice, the salary will be roughly €2850 to €3500 per month, depending on the appointee’s qualification and performance.

Application Procedure

Applications should be submitted online by 15 August 2019 at the latest. The following attachments should be included with the application (PDF files preferred)

1) A brief curriculum vitae written in English, compiled in accordance with the instructions in the appendix (max. 4 pages).

2) A list of publications classified as follows: (1) articles in international peer-reviewed journals, (2) articles in international peer-reviewed volumes of scientific significance and articles in peer-reviewed conference proceedings, (3) articles in domestic peer-reviewed journals, (4) articles in domestic peer-reviewed volumes of scientific significance and articles in domestic peer-reviewed conference proceedings, (5) scientific monographs, (6) other scientific publications, e.g., articles in scientific journals and conference proceedings with no peer-review process, and in university or department publications.

3) Teaching merits that are significant for the position should be presented in English in the form of a teaching portfolio or similar account. The portfolio is expected to follow the outline given in the appendix.

4) Collaboration merits describing the activities, through which the applicant has been engaged with the businesses and larger society and what is the applicant’s approach to conduct impactful research and education.

5) A brief research and action plan in English.

6) Copies in electronic form of at most ten (10) publications and other works that the applicant thinks should be taken into consideration upon evaluation of eligibility and merits.

Before being officially accepted for the position, the successful applicant must present to the faculty his or her original degree certificates or certified copies thereof, as well as a signed curriculum vita.

Reviewer Assessment

The dean will send an invitation to two or three external reviewers approved by the university’s research committee to be consulted regarding the appointment process. When selecting the reviewers, the respective specializations of the applicants in the field are taken into consideration, and general fairness is observed in other respects as well.

The applicants will be informed about the selection of the reviewers.

Based on an assessment of the applicants’ merits, the recruitment committee can at its discretion limit the number of applicants to be subjected to evaluation by the external reviewers.

Demonstration Lecture and Interview

The recruitment committee might interview the applicants that they consider best, and arrange demonstration lectures that may be deemed necessary.

Official Employment

The dean will make his proposition on the basis of the proposition of the recruitment committee and submit it, justifications and attachments included, to the vice rector of the university, who will make the decision on the employment of the successful applicant.

The position is scheduled to be filled starting 1 December 2019 or as agreed, and it is subject to a six-month trial period.

Contact Information

For further information regarding this appointment process, please contact the Oulu Business School at the University of Oulu as follows: 

Professor Mikko Puhakka, Dean of the Oulu Business School
e-mail: mikko.puhakka(at)
tel. +358 294 482581

Professor Vesa Puhakka, Research Unit Leader
e-mail: vesa.puhakka(at)
tel. +358 294 482946

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