Tenure Track Assistant or Associate Professor positions in Wireless System Level Architecture for future digital healthcare


The   University of Oulu is an international research and innovation university   engaged in multidisciplinary basic research and academic education. It is one   of the largest universities in Finland with 14 000 students and 3 000   employees. The University encompasses eight fields of study: Biochemistry and   Molecular Medicine, Humanities, Education, Economics and Business, Science,   Medicine and Dentistry, Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, and   Technology. The University of Oulu researchers contribute to solving global   challenges by combining multidisciplinary approaches, high level research and   fruitful collaborations in the following five focus areas: 1. Creating   sustainability through materials and systems, 2. Molecular and environmental   basis for lifelong health, 3. Digital solutions in sensing and interactions,   4. Earth and near-space system and environmental change, 5. Understanding   humans in change. Collaboration across scientific fields is strongly   encouraged and supported within the University. More information http://www.oulu.fi/english/.

Digital Health (DigiHealth)   research programme

Digital   Health (DigiHealth) research programme and hub is part of the University of  Oulu’s national profiling actions. It is designed to do world-class   interdisciplinary research and become nationally the strongest research   programme strengthening health care services, diagnostics and therapies in   the new digital era. The primary aim of DigiHealth is to develop and validate   novel digital technologies for data-driven health applications, valorizing   University of Oulu’s strong expertise in medicine, wireless solutions, big   data analytics and business. The programme’s focus is crucial as novel   technologies and technological solutions (e.g., artificial intelligence,   internet of things, virtual/augmented/mixed reality, robotics, 5G/6G) are   becoming more intelligent, invisible and ubiquitous to be utilized for   data-driven health applications. Several international breakthroughs are   expected within the DigiHealth related to development and applications of   novel digitalized solutions to predict progression of diseases and in   offering personalized therapies in a cost-effective and patient-centric way.   New discoveries in the programme will build on interdisciplinary   collaboration providing transformative knowledge aiming to strengthen the   health technology ecosystem of Oulu.

Specific   research areas of the DigiHealth are:

1) Next-generation data for   digital healthcare focusing on bioinformatics and novel biosensors,

2) Wireless system level architectures for future digital healthcare,

3) AI-based solutions to support personalized clinical diagnostic or   therapeutic decisions,

4) Systematic impact creation and health technology assessment,

The   DigiHealth includes four faculties (Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of   Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Biochemistry   and Molecular Medicine, and Oulu Business School) and 31 Principal   Investigators linked to four above-mentioned research areas.

In   DigiHealth programme, we will open 4 tenure-track positions (including   startup packages that includes funding for a postdoctoral   fellow and a doctoral student) and 2   post-doc positions forming a cluster and hub that will fortify the DigiHealth   research areas and their interdisciplinary research approaches for developing   and validating digital technologies for data-driven health applications. The   positions will be based at the above-mentioned faculties; the relevant host   faculty will be identified based on the specific research area and the   successful applicant’s expertise. For DigiHealth programme, University of   Oulu announces the following tenure track Assistant or Associate Professor   position for highly talented individuals who hold a doctoral degree and have   excellent potential for a successful scientific career:

Tenure Track Assistant or Associate Professor of  

“Wireless system level architecture for future digital healthcare”

The position is located in the Centre for Wireless Communications – Networks and Systems (CWC-NS) research unit, see http://www.oulu.fi/cwc/, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (see http://www.oulu.fi/itee). The Centre for Wireless Communications consists of two intertwined research   groups, namely Centre for Wireless Communication – Radio Technologies   (CWC-RT) and Centre for Wireless Communications – Networks and Systems   (CWC-NS). Research at CWC focuses on signal processing and radio engineering,   radio access and network technologies as well as future wireless internet.   The main application areas include 5G and beyond, IoT, secure virtualized   networks, disaster prevention and recovery ICT, medical ICT, smart energy   grids and mobile clouds. CWC employs a staff of 170 including 10 professors.   Its collaborative network includes several major companies and research   universities. CWC plays a major role in the recently established Nokia Bell   Labs and University of Oulu Joint Center for Future Connectivity. CWC’s high   volume of competitive external funding from the Academy of Finland   (equivalent to National Science Foundation), the European Commission (H2020)   and Business Finland shows the strength of its research. CWC has a top-notch   research infrastructure with radio frequency equipment and a 5G Test Network   (http://5gtn.fi/), and is the main driver of 6G Flagship programme 6Genesis (http://www.oulu.fi/6gflagship/).

A tenure-track position in “Wireless   system level architecture for future digital healthcare” is directed to   investigate, apply, and design new wireless communications solutions for dependable end-to-end data transmission chains, seamlessly   from in-body (even at outside the hospital) to an electronic health record   (EHR), as well as educate students for this topic. Initially, a successful   applicant is expected to have a substantial research track targeting dense   heterogeneous communications systems connecting health/medical devices/things   to the EHR. To achieve the goal, the applicant is expected to master either in-body,   on-body, or off-body; and existing short-range communications solutions   (e.g., BLE and IEEE802.15) and be capable of developing emerging 5G/6G solutions,   such as ultra-reliable, secure, and high positioning capabilities through   thorough understanding of the requirements of the underlying health   applications. Standardization and integration knowledges are seen advantages.   A strong track record in acquiring research funding and projects, cooperation   with industry, as well as implementing research projects in the Medical IoT   related tasks are important for successful applicants for the position.

The tenure track positions will start in spring 2020 by mutual agreement   with the successful applicant. Researchers appointed to   tenure track positions may advance their career through the tenure track   process.

Responsibilities and   Required Qualifications: A person at tenure track   system is expected to conduct world-class scientific research, to be   competitive in attracting external funding, to publish in leading scientific journals   and conference reports, to supervise doctoral students, to be an active   member of the international scientific community, and to create and teach   related M.Sc. and D.Sc. level courses.

Required qualifications and   career advancement at each tenure track level: Career   advancement in the tenure track system is based on assessments of the   candidate’s performance and merits.

The position of an assistant   professor is for persons who have recently (less than ten years ago) finished   their doctoral dissertation and are advancing towards a professional research   career. The duration of the period is five years. The advancement assistant   professor – associate professor – professor – distinguished professor is   described in the University of Oulu Tenure Track guidelines: http://www.oulu.fi/university/node/38379. Being granted continuation for the position requires meeting the   below-mentioned criteria as well as successful research work as indicated in   the University of Oulu Tenure Track guidelines.

Applicants are evaluated on   the following criteria:  

  • publications at an international level: dissemination, quality of the publication forums, references to the publications
  • active role in the training of researchers
  • teaching experience and pedagogic training, ability to produce teaching material, other merits as a teacher, teaching demonstrations
  • acquisition of external funding
  • active role in the international scientific community
  • scientific work abroad, international positions, and leadership and interaction skills
  • acknowledgements and awards.

The duration of   the positions is initially for 5 years.

A six-month   trial period will be effective in the beginning of a contract.

Salary: The salary of the appointee will be based on the demand level chart for   teaching and research staff in Finnish Universities. In addition to the basic   salary for the appropriate tenure track level, a supplementary salary will be   paid for personal achievement and performance, rising to a maximum of 50%  of the basic salary level for the post. The salary will thus be roughly 3500 –   5000 €/month for an assistant professor and 4400 – 5500 €/month for an   associate professor. A candidate hired will also receive a start-up package that includes   funding for hiring a postdoctoral fellow and a doctoral student.

Other benefits: Finland is one of the most dynamic countries, with a high quality of   life, high safety standards, an excellent education system, and a competitive   economy. The successful candidate will receive full benefits provided by the   University of Oulu to university employees, including free time corresponding   to holidays and free occupational health care services. The successful   candidate will also receive all the benefits provided by the Finnish   government for residents, e.g., access to the national health care system,   tax benefits for employees with children and high-quality, affordable   childcare services.

Applications: Applications, together with   all relevant enclosures, should be submitted electronically by 30 November, 2019.

The application should be   written in English and the following must be included:

1) A letter of application   with contact information.  The   application letter must include information on which tenure track level the   applicant is to be evaluated, assistant professor or associate professor.

2) A curriculum vitae   following the guidelines of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity   (Tutkimuseettinen neuvottelukunta). (The guidelines are available at http://www.tenk.fi/en/template-researchers-curriculum-vitae  and a template at http://www.tenk.fi/sites/tenk.fi/files/CV_english_270613.pdf .

3) A list of publications,   with the ten most important ones marked

4) A brief account of   research merits (max. 1 page)

5) A brief account of   teaching merits or a teaching portfolio (max. 2 pages)

6) Details regarding the   acquisition of research funds

7) A brief research and   action plan (max. 3 pages)

8) Contact details of 2–4   persons from whom recommendations would be available.

Evaluators: The selection procedure will be carried out by an Appointment Committee   according to the University of Oulu Tenure Track guidelines.

Contact details: In order to receive information and announcements concerning the official   selection procedures to be followed when filling this post, applicants must   inform the University of Oulu of their contact details for the whole duration   of the selection process: more specifically, they must provide both their   home and work telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and postal addresses.

For further information and   enquiries about this post and the application and selection procedures,   please contact: 

Prof. Jari Iinatti
Head, Centre for Wireless   Communications - Networks and Systems
Faculty of Information Technology   and Electrical Engineering
P.O. Box 4500, FI-90014   University of Oulu, Finland
phone: +358 294482822, email:   jari.iinatti(at)oulu.fi

Adj. Prof. Matti Hämäläinen
Centre for Wireless   Communications - Networks and Systems
P.O. Box 4500, FI-90014   University of Oulu, Finland
phone: +358 294482856 
email: matti.hamalainen(at)oulu.fi

Updated: 1.11.2019


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