University lecturer, Gender Studies

The University of Oulu is an international science university, with 15,000 students and approximately
3,000 employees. The University is a multidisciplinary institute with modern facilities for research and studying. It operates in close contact with international educational and research institutes. The Faculty of Education offers degrees (Bachelor, Master, PhD) in Education with majors in education, educational psychology, early childhood education, music education and special education.

We are seeking applicants for a university lecturer in Gender Studies to join our faculty. Post is located in the research unit  Values, Ideologies and Social Contexts of Education, which is responsible for delivering high quality research and teaching in its focus areas (

Responsibilities, Required Qualifications and Language Skills

Within the full-time working hours (1624 hours per annum) and an annually confirmed working plan, the lecturer teach the faculty’s basic and intermediate level courses and supervise and examine academic theses from undergraduate to doctoral level. The appointee will also take on administrative and management duties, and leadership responsibilites.

The applicant to be appointed as the lecturer shall have a doctoral degree, proven ability to provide first-rate research-based teaching and academic supervision, relevant experience of teaching duties as well as give proof of national and international networks and collaboration in the field of research that he or she represents. The successful applicant will perform scholarly research and is expected to seek external research funding. Research and development collaboration is carried out also nationally and internationally by taking part in Nordic and European networks and by creating partnerships more widely. The research carried out by the lecturer is expected to focus some of the main fields of Gender Studies, such as but not limited to power and (non)violence in the everyday and across institutional sites, gender and responsibility in digitally rich environments, gender equality as a multidimensional intra- and intersectional phenomenon, and social sustainability and ethical questions from a gender perspective.

When assessing the merits of the applicants, the particular attention will be paid to the following: scholarly publications, practical knowledge of and experience in the relevant academic field and in the various fields of Gender Studies, teaching experience and pedagogical training, experience in supervising academic theses, the production and use of teaching material and learning resources, acquaintance with the pedagogic use of various technologies, and other teaching merits. In addition, experiences in applying external funding and international activities will be taken into account.

The applicant must demonstrate a high level of proficiency in English. Performing administrative duties requires good proficiency in Finnish, which is considered a merit. 


The salary will be based on the levels 5–7 of the demand level chart for teaching and research staff of Finnish universities. In addition, a salary component based on personal work performance will be paid (maximum of 50% of the job-specific component).

The position is scheduled to be filled as of 1 March, 2020, and it is subject to a six-month trial period.


Please submit your application and relevant enclosures through our online recruitment system no later than 31 October 2019.

The applications should include the following documents (PDF-files preferred):

  1. A cover letter (max. 1 page), including a brief description of motivation for working in Gender Studies and a brief account of the applicant’s teaching experience and merits.
  2. A list of publications following the guidelines of the Academy of Finland ( with max 10 most important ones indicate.
    1. A brief presentation of research merits relevant to the post to be filled, and a brief research and action plan. (max. 3 pages)
  1. Curriculum vitae (max. 3 pages) following the guidelines of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity (
  1. A teaching portfolio or some other equivalent account or résumé of the applicant’s teaching, listing everything of teaching merit relevant to the post to be filled. The portfolio is expected to follow the outline given in the appendix. (max. 5 pages)

The recruitment committee will interview the applicants that they consider best and makes arrangements for any demonstration lectures that may be deemed necessary.

Contact Information 

For further information regarding this appointment process, please contact the Faculty of Education at the University of Oulu as follows: 

Kati Mäkitalo, Professor, Dean
University of Oulu, Faculty of Education
tel. +358 294 483606
e-mail: kati.makitalo(at) 

Vesa Puuronen, Professor, Research Unit Leader
University of Oulu, Faculty of Education
tel. +358 294 483630
e-mail: vesa.puuronen(at)

About the City of Oulu

The City of Oulu is Northern Finland’s largest and oldest city, with a population of over 200,000. Located in the Gulf of Bothnia in the Oulu River delta, the city has good access from anywhere. Oulu is a very safe and family friendly community with one of the highest qualities of life in all of Scandinavia. This modern city with a beautiful harbour and market area offers plenty of cultural activities as well as opportunities for exploring the northern nature. Open space and parks can be found all along the Oulu River and throughout the area and they are easily accessed by bike – the favourite mode of transport in Oulu. There is an entire range of outdoor and sports facilities to choose from, not forgetting Finland’s biggest spectator sport, ice hockey. Winter is a season that is highly celebrated and lit bike trails and bridges bring the city alive. As the world’s northernmost tech hub, Oulu has a highly educated and innovative workforce and the University has a strong role in the community. Oulu is a marvellous place to live, work and enjoy a vibrant academic community. Welcome to the home of science with Arctic Attitude!


According to the policy approved by the University of Oulu, the teaching skills referred to in the Appointments Decree (Decree on the Appointment of Professors at Universities 1581/91; Amendment 462/98) are assessed according to the outline below: 

1.  Teaching philosophy and characterisation of yourself as a teacher 

- thinking underlying your teaching, the personal background idea of your teaching: how is this to be seen in your work as a teacher? Description of yourself as a teacher and worker in the teaching profession 

2.  Practical experience gained in the teaching profession, how you develop your teaching 

3.  Production and use of learning materials 

4.  Maintenance of your teaching skills

5.  Feedback received on your teaching (student and peer assessments, awards and approved teaching demonstrations) 

6.  Vision of the development of your work as a teacher 

- provide a brief plan for the development of your teaching and work as a teacher in the near future, e.g. in relation to the department’s curriculum

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