Research Assistant Positions in 5G / 6G Research for New WCE Students

Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC)
offers fixed-term Research Assistant positions for a limited number of most talent students applying for the International Master's Degree Programme in Wireless Communications Engineering (WCE) in January 2020. The students should start their two-year Master's studies in Oulu in September 2020. This employment offer is supplementary to the 75% tuition scholarship granted to all admitted WCE students. 

As 5G enters its deployment phase, Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC) at the University of Oulu, Finland and the Finnish 6G Flagship Program it leads support global industry in the finalization of the 5G standard especially through joint projects, trials and demonstrations. At the same time, 6G Flagship experts are already working on essential technology components and solutions needed for the 2030 wireless era.

Our 5G/6G researchers seek major scientific breakthroughs in the interrelated domains of wireless connectivity, device and circuit technologies, distributed intelligent computing, and novel applications and services. With this approach, we envision a future society, which is data-driven and enabled by near instant, unlimited wireless connectivity.

Recently, 6G Flagship published the world’s first 6G White Paper “Key Drivers and Research Challenges for 6G Ubiquitous Wireless Intelligence”, which illustrates our ambitious research vision. Creating new business opportunities and responding to United Nation’s sustainability goals and major societal challenges are key drivers for our work.  

Join us by applying for WCE Master’s Degree Programme in Oulu, Finland. For most talented new applicants, we offer part-time Research Assistant Positions at CWC Oulu – at the core of our 6G research ventures!

You can apply for a Research Assistant Position if you 

  • have received or will receive your B.Sc. Degree with very good or excellent grades in electrical engineering or similar, and
  • apply for WCE International Master's Programme by 22 January 2020

The duration of a Research Assistant Position is 9months starting from September 2020. Working hours are 23,5h/week. The monthly salary before taxation is 1 218€. 

Research Assistant will work under the supervision of a 5G/6G expert at the Centre for Wireless Communications, University of Oulu. CWC is in charge of the WCE International Master's Programme, which guarantees that the part-time work is directly linked with Master's studies as well as 6G Flagship Programme.

Research Assistant’s tasks, under the supervision of an experienced researcher, can include e.g. algorithm design, MatLab simulations, hardware design, circuit and antenna design, experimental lab work with next generation hardware, and research on latest topics and trends. In addition, Research Assistants can collaborate with the 5G Test Network team for testing and performance evaluations of live 5G network in close co-operation with the surrounding industry. Also IoT-based sensoring and data collection are possible tasks. 

Submit your application to our recruiting system at the latest on 22 January 2020, by midnight Finnish time. The application should include

  • Motivation letter including your experience and motivation for research related tasks, possible interest in doctoral studies
  • CV
  • Transcript of records
  • Recommendation letters (max. 2)

Video interviews for candidates will be organised during the selection process.

Questions can also be directed to WCE Coordinator

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