Associate professor (tenure track) in neuro research

The University of Jyväskylä is a nationally and internationally significant multidisciplinary research university and an expert in education that focuses on human sciences and natural sciences. The University is Finland’s leading expert in teacher education and adult education as well as its major exporter of education. The Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences is the only one of its kind in the country. The University of Jyväskylä is known for its dynamic operating culture and strong commitment to social responsibility. 

The Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences is currently seeking to recruit an 

associate professor (tenure track) in neuro research, from 1 July 2018 or as soon as possible thereafter, for a fixed period of five years.

Education and research in sport sciences in Finland are concentrated at the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences of the University of Jyväskylä. Physical activity and health, as well as their relationships and promotion, are explored there from a multidisciplinary perspective, with the improvement of health, functional ability and wellbeing across the human lifespan as the key aim.

An important national responsibility of the Faculty is teacher education in sport and health sciences. There are two main lines of study at the Faculty: Sport Sciences and Health Sciences. There are three disciplinary groups at the Faculty: Biology of Physical Activity, Behavioral and Social Sciences of Sport, and Health Sciences. There are also three research centres at the Faculty: the Neuromuscular Research Centre, the Gerontology Research Center and the Research Centre for Health Promotion.

The associate professorship is located in the University’s profiling area of interdisciplinary brain research and, in particular neuro research of physical activity,within the research domain of physical activity, functioning and brain plasticity during the human life-span.  Further themes of the profiling area include brain development across the individual life-span, endogenous and exogenous impact mechanisms on brain plasticity, self-regulation and developmental changes in the brain. Staff will also be recruited for the other thematic areas.

The application procedure provides more detailed information on the duties, qualification requirements and attachments, see:

The associate professor is expected to have a doctoral degree from sport sciences, sport medicine, health sciences, psychology or biology or other relevant discipline. Applicants should have strong evidence of scientific research in the fields of physical activity, functioning and neuro research. Eligible candidates should have an active international partner network as well as experience in the supervision of dissertations, research leadership and research-based teaching.

The appointment is for a fixed period of five years, see tenure track path. The purpose of the fixed-term is, that the Associate Professor gathers enough merits for full Professor position. When an employee has been selected for a fixed-term associate professorship, an evaluation procedure is used regarding the employee’s merits for a professorship filled through an invitation procedure. The evaluation procedure shall begin before the end of the fixed-term contract. The evaluation procedure follows the same practices used in the expert evaluation procedure for filling a professorship. 

The Associate Professor’s job-specific salary component is based on the job demands levels 7 (3 851,33 €/month) according to the salary system concerning teaching and research staff at universities. In addition, a personal performance-based salary component amounting to the maximum of 46,3% of the job-specific salary component is also paid. 

Four months trial period is applied to the filling of the position. 

For more information, please contact

Professor Taija Juutinen, +358405566582 or

Professor Sarianna Sipilä, +358408053593

Following documents must be included in English in PDF format to the electronic recruiting system: 

1)      CV composed according to good scientific practice and considering, when possible, the template for researcher´s curriculum vitae of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity (TENK) (see:,

2)      A numbered list of publications covering the applicant’s the scientific and other publications according to the instructions of the Academy of Finland (see:,

3)  Short (2-3 pages) explanation of the applicant’s research activities, merits in scientific work and supervision of research including acquisition of supplement funding and responsibilities in externally funded research projects,

4)  Short (2-3 pages) explanation of the applicant’s pedagogical training and teaching merits,

5)  Short (2-3 pages) explanation of the applicant’s international activities and experience in societal interaction,

6)  A maximum of ten publications, which must be numbered according to the list of publications (and fixed to a one pdf file). 

7)  Short (2-3 pages) explanation how the applicant intends to develop the research, education and societal interaction in the field of neuro research at the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences.

Please submit your application at the latest on Monday, January 21st 2018 using the online application form.