Professor or Associate Professor (tenure track) in Environmental and Conservation Biology

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Department of Biological and Environmental Science is currently seeking to recruit a

Professor or Associate Professor (tenure track) in Environmental and Conservation Biology starting 1.4.2019 or as soon as possible thereafter, in the Professor position until further notice and in the Associate Professor position for a fixed term of five years. 

The successful applicant may be appointed to a permanent full Professorship or a fixed-term Associate Professorship (tenure track) depending on their qualifications and career stage.

Research at the Department of Biological and Environmental Science belongs to the University’s denoted core research field of basic natural phenomena and mathematical thinking. The research in the Department focuses on three core areas: evolutionary biology, natural resources and environment, and biological nanoscience. The Professorship we are now recruiting for is supporting the core area or natural resources and environment. This core area is focusing on understanding the anthropogenic causes of environmental degradation, biodiversity loss and sustainability of the use of natural resources. Our mission is to develop means to mitigate the negative environmental impacts of human development. Our department building Ambiotica hosts high quality laboratories for ecological and environmental science experiments and facilities for biological and chemical analyses. The Konnevesi research station, experimental ecology laboratories, biological and chemical analysis laboratories, and modern greenhouses are cutting-edge facilities for wider use of experimental research from the molecular to organism level.

Responsibilities of the Professor or the Associate Professor are research and teaching related to conservation biology, applied ecology, sustainability of the use of natural resources and sustainable development. Responsibilities also include supporting the development of the newly initiated School of Resource Wisdom.   

The chosen candidate is expected to conduct internationally top-level research strengthening and complementing the current research of the Department in areas of ecological and environmental science in questions related to sustainability of the use of natural resources and conservation biology. Experience in ecosystem ecology, empirical assessment, measurement and long term monitoring of ecosystem condition and biodiversity, multi-objective spatial planning and prioritization of land use and freshwater resources, as well as multidisciplinary work will be considered as an asset.

Teaching tasks will include lecturing on and teaching by other means about ecology, conservation biology, sustainability of the use of natural resources, and about sustainable development at the basic as well as advanced level. Continuous development of the teaching as well as administrative tasks related to teaching and other academic obligations are an everyday routine for the position. The Professor or Associate Professor will supervise candidate and master level theses and obtains external funding to recruit PhD students and post-doc researchers.

The selected candidate will have an excellent record of conducting and publishing scientific research, to establish international networks, obtain funding and teach. Evidence of professional engagement into societal discussion and decision making will be considered as an asset. The appointment procedure provides more detailed information on the duties, qualification requirements and attachments. The qualification requirements should be met before the closing time of this call.

The appointment in the Professor position is until further notice and in the tenure track Associate Professor position for a fixed period of five years, see tenure track path. The purpose of the fixed-term tenure track is, that the Associate Professor gathers enough merits for a full Professor position. When an employee has been selected for a fixed-term tenure track Associate Professorship, an evaluation procedure is used regarding the employee’s merits for a Professorship to be filled through an invitation procedure. The evaluation procedure shall begin before the end of the fixed-term contract. The evaluation procedure follows the same practices used in the expert evaluation procedure for filling a Professorship.

The Professor’s job-specific salary component is based on the job demands levels 8-11 (4 702,72 – 6 928,70 €/month) and the Associate Professor’s job-specific salary component is based on the job demands level 7 (3 889,84 €/month) according to the salary system concerning teaching and research staff at Universities. In addition, a personal performance-based salary component amounting to the maximum of 46,3% of the job-specific salary component is also paid.

A trial period of six months will be used when filling the position of the Associate Professor.

For more information, please contact Professor, head of department Janne Ihalainen,, +358 40 0247 979 or Professor Janne Kotiaho,, +358 50 594 6881.

The application must include the following documents in English (the name of the applicant must be mentioned in the file name):

The applicant must indicate and justify, which position he or she is applying for.

  1. application / motivation letter, which indicates the position applied;
  2. a CV of the applicant, composed according to good scientific practice and considering, when possible, the template for researcher´s curriculum vitae of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity
  3. a numbered list of all scientific and other publications – drawn up according to the categorisation of the Academy of Finland– with which the candidate wishes to demonstrate his or her eligibility and merits for the post;
  4. a brief (2-4 pages) written account of the applicant’s scientific research, merits in scientific activities and supervision of research work, including an account of acquired research funding and  the responsibilities related to the research conducted through such funding and description of applicants international activities, co-operation and societal interaction;
  5. a brief (2-3 pages) written account of pedagogical training and teaching merits. See:  Teaching portfolio model;
  6. a maximum of ten publications, numbered in accordance with the list of publications;
  7. a brief (2-3 pages) account of how the applicant plans to develop the research and teaching in the Faculty of Mathematics and Science.

Please submit your application at the latest on 19.11.2018  using the online application form.