4-6 Doctoral students

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4-6 Doctoral Student positions beginning January 1st 2019 or as agreed, contract length maximum of four years 

The Doctoral SchooI in the Faculty of Information Technology offers doctoral education in information systems, computer science, cognitive science and mathematical information technology. The doctoral school regularly provides funding for doctoral students. See more information of the funding application in Autumn 2018: https://www.jyu.fi/it/en/research/doctoral_school/guide-for-doctoral-studies/funding/funding-application-autumn-2018   

The selected Doctoral Student will work in different reserach fields in the Faculty of Information Technology. The tasks of a Doctoral Student focus on research concerning doctoral thesis, doctoral studies, assisting teaching tasks and other tasks connected to these tasks. 

The duties, qualification requirements and language skills of doctoral student are stipulated by The University of Jyväskylä Regulations and language skills guidelines.The selected person is required to have a command of  English language. Also a good command of Finnish language is required, but in certain cases, the University may grant exemption from this requirement.

Doctoral Student must have a Master’s degree and permission for post-graduate studies in the University of Jyväskylä.  If the applicant permission for post-graduate studies in the University of Jyväskylä, it must be applied with a separate application procedure from the proper faculty.

Doctoral students job-specific salary component is based on the job demands level 1-4 according to the salary system concerning teaching and research personnel at universities (1826,50 €/month – 2500,06 €/month). In addition, a personal performance-based salary component amounting to the maximum of 46,3% of the job-specific salary component is also paid.

A trial period of six months will be applied when the position is first filled.

Upon the consent of the applicant, a background check can be made on the person to be appointed (Security Clearance Act 726/2014). For more information on the background check and the rights of the subject of the check, see www.supo.fi.

More detailed information about the application is available in https://www.jyu.fi/it/en/research/doctoral_school/guide-for-doctoral-studies/funding/funding-application-autumn-2018   

For additional information please contact University teacher Sami Kollanus (sami.kollanus@jyu.fi

The application should include:

1) Application letter

2) CV, which should be written according to responsible scientific practices and in accordance with the following CV template, as far as possible: http://www.tenk.fi/en/template-researchers-curriculum-vitae  

3) Research plan (including publications / publication plan)

4) Study plan  (40/60 ECTS)

5) Recommendation letters from the supervisors (Not needed in the electronic application, request your supervisors to send them directly to sami.kollanus@jyu.fi)

Please submit your application at latest on September 30, 2018 using the online application form.