Postdoctoral Researcher, Biomedical engineering and sleep medicine

The University of Eastern Finland is inviting applications for a Postdoctoral Researcher (Biomedical engineering and sleep medicine) position in Department of Applied Physics, Kuopio campus. The position will be filled for fixed term starting from September 1, 2021 or as agreed. Please find more information below and submit your application no later than 5 July 2021. The application period has been extended until 30 July.

Role and salary

As our new Postdoctoral Researcher in Biomedical engineering and sleep medicine, you will be working in the Department of Applied Physics at the Faculty of Science and Forestry. The position is located in Kuopio, Finland. 

  • Development and validation of novel computational tools and wearable sensors
  • Deep neural network and basic biosignal analysis
  • Polysomnographic measurements
  • Reporting of research results
  • Supervision of Ph.D. students 

The research will be carried out at the Department of Applied Physics, University of Eastern Finland (as a part of the sleep research group STAG, National and international collaboration is in a key role during the project. The STAG provides an inspiring, active, and youthful research community. The STAG carries out globally recognized research in the field of sleep apnoea and the research is focused on the development of diagnostics of obstructive sleep apnoea. During the research project, there is a to do research exchange periods to our international collaborators’ sleep laboratories.

We develop novel computational solutions for a more accurate diagnosis of sleep apnoea, investigating the relationship between the severity of individual respiratory events and the severity of sleep apnoea, and developing novel wearable technologies for self-applicable monitoring of sleep disturbances. We have already developed machine learning and neural network-based approaches for estimation of sleep apnoea severity, assessment of sleep apnoea-related daytime sleepiness, and automatic detection of sleep stages. We have also commercialized a self-applicable and easy-to-use forehead patch for recording EEG. We have published dozens of articles in high-level peer-reviewed journals and supervised five Ph.D. students until completion. Currently, 14 Ph.D. students are under our supervision.

In this research project, the aim is to develop novel technical and computational solutions for the diagnosis of sleep apnoea and the prediction of risk for sleep apnoea-related comorbidities and symptoms. Solutions will be based on minimally sleep-disturbing wearable sensors and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning. The research project aims for a more accurate and personalized diagnosis of sleep apnoea and measurement of daytime sleepiness and vigilance. The project also aims for simplifying the current measurement protocol to be more suitable for initial screening purposes, for example, in a neurological ward or home environment. The research is based on large international patient cohorts collected and analyzed in collaboration with world’s top-level researchers, clinicians, physicists, and engineers in the University of Reykjavik (Iceland), the Akershus University Hospital (Norway), The University of Queensland (Australia), Loewenstein Hospital (Israel), and Charite University Hospital (Germany).

For candidates it is possible to focus on the following areas:

  1. Medical device development; testing and validation of new measuring techniques
  2. Development of automatic data analysis tools and new diagnostic methods
  3. Phenotypes of sleep apnoea; patient-specific differences in characteristics of sleep apnoea and associations to adverse health consequences

The postdoctoral researcher will contribute to the supervision of early-stage researchers (Ph.D. students). Our research group is closely collaborating with industrial partners operating in the field of medical instrumentation and health technology and therefore, parts of the Postdoctoral work could be carried out as joint projects with the industrial partners.

The salary of the position is determined in accordance with the salary system of the Finnish universities. The salary comprises two components: a job requirement component and a personal performance component. In this position, the job requirement component is 3,000.49 euros/month, based on level 5 of the job requirement chart for teaching and research staff. The personal performance component can be a minimum of 6 % and a maximum of 50 % of the above-mentioned sum. Depending on the personal performance component, the salary will be approximately 3,303.00 – 3,663.00 €/month at the beginning of the employment relationship.

English will be the language of instruction and supervision in this position.

The position will be filled from September 1, 2021 (or as agreed) until December 31, 2022. The possible continuation of the post will be agreed separately. Positions of a Postdoctoral Researcher shall always be filled for a fixed term (UEF University Regulations, Section 31). A probationary period is applied to all new members of the staff.  

Our requirements and expectations


  • The person to be appointed to the Postdoctoral Researcher position is required to hold a doctoral degree in biomedical engineering, physics, electrical engineering, or a related field, which may not have been completed more than five years ago at the time of accepting the position. In this context, the 5 years refer to a net period, which does not include maternity leaves, parental leaves, or military service, etc. Persons graduating in near future are also encouraged to apply. However, they are expected to hold a relevant Ph.D. degree (or equivalent) by the 31st of July.
  • Potential candidates should have a good command of the English language.


  • Potential candidates should have good skills in data/signal analysis, deep learning analyses, and programming, specifically experience with MATLAB and Python is highly desired.
  • Candidates should be highly motivated and interested in working in a multidisciplinary environment.
  • Earlier experience or demonstrated capability in supervisory tasks (e.g. supervised B.Sc. or M.Sc. theses or formal supervisory competence via education) is considered as a benefit.

Your benefits

You will have access to the university’s staff benefits, including

  • The possibility of flexible multi-location work, 
  • Staff benefits of the University of Eastern Finland, including comprehensive occupational health care, versatile staff training opportunities, affordable campus restaurant lunches and Sykettä sports services 

Please read more in the Work at UEF section on our website. 

You will have an opportunity to work in an interesting/meaningful/diverse role as part of our international, creative, participatory and inclusive academic community. 

Enjoy your life in Finland! Known for its cleanliness, welfare know-how, modern technology and superb education system, Finland is an exotic and safe country to work in. Please visit the  Life in Finland section on our website to learn more.

How to apply?

Submit your application by using our electronic application form no later than 5 July, 2021 (by 24.00 hours Finnish time). The application period has been extended until 30 July.

Please note that you must include the following appendices in your application:


For further information on the position, please contact: Docent, Senior Researcher Timo Leppänen, Ph.D., tel. +358 44 532 6362, e-mail or Professor, Chief Physicist Juha Töyräs, Ph.D., tel. +358 29 445 3405, e-mail 

For further information on the application procedure, please contact: Executive Assistant Satu Turunen, tel. +358 29 445 3031, e-mail

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