DPT Travel Grant 2023

Travel Grant Application Call for the Doctoral Researchers of the Doctoral Programme in Technology (DPT)

The Doctoral Programme in Technology (DPT) grants funding for DPT doctoral researchers for a conference participation, a research visit or a course participation. It is not possible to apply for funding for online participation.

To be eligible to apply funding for conference participation, a doctoral researcher must give an oral or a poster presentation in the conference, or have an accepted article in conference proceedings.
You can apply, even if it is not yet known if your presentation or article is accepted or not. You have to prove the acceptance before the conference (by sending a proof to coordinator nina.lehtimaki @ utu.fi).

Funding is awarded from the 2023 allowance and thus it is possible to apply funding only for expenses incurred during 2023 and also the invoice must be done in two months after the conference / course / research visit and in any case during 2023, as follows (more detailed instructions in the travel grant decision):

  • If doctoral researcher does not have an employment relationship with University of Turku, the grant must be charged at the latest on 30th of November 2023.
  • If doctoral researcher has an employment relationship with UTU, the invoice in SAP travel must be done at the latest on 16th of December 2023.

The grant recipient commits to provide a report within four weeks of the end of the conference / course / research visit. The granted funding can be charged after the report is submitted (more detailed instructions in the travel grant decision).

One of the prerequisites for awarding a grant is that the application is filled in carefully. Please notice that not all relevant parts are marked as mandatory (*). The target must be a conference (you must have a poster or an oral presentation, or an article in conference proceedings), a course or a research visit. The information concerning the trip must be carefully filled in the application. The grant must be applied at least one month before the trip. The costs allowed to be covered by the grant are the participation fee, travel expenses and accommodation expenses. Daily allowances are not accepted expenses. Principally, a travel grant can be awarded once for a doctoral researcher during their postgraduate training (grants received in previous DPMLS, MATTI and PCS doctoral programmes are taken into account), but a second travel grant can be possible if the resources allow. The number of applications and the amount of money that can be granted in all, affect the awarded grants.

Travel money is granted maximum 500 € for national trips, max. 800 € for trips in Europe and max. 1200 € for intercontinental trips.

Principally, a decision on a grant will normally be made within three weeks of the application being submitted. For example, during the holidays, the processing of the application may be delayed. The grant applicant will be informed of the decision personally.

The travel grant call is open until 31st of October 2023 (at 23:59), OR until there are resources left. The application can be found behind the button "Fill in the form".

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