ID   Heading   Unit   Application deadline  
9752  Postdoctoral Researcher, fixed-term position 
Department of Chemistry  24.09.2020 
9568  Postdoctoral Researcher 
Department of Accounting and Finance  27.09.2020 
9576  University Lecturer 
Department of Philosophy, Contemporary History and Political Science  30.09.2020 
9742  Doctoral candidate’s fixed-term position (biomedical data analysis and microbial ecology) 
Department Future Technologies  30.09.2020 
9741  Research assistant’s fixed-term position (Data science) 
Department Future Technologies  30.09.2020 
9726  Senior Researcher to the Artificial Intelligence Governance & Auditing project 
Department of Management and Entrepreneurship  30.09.2020 
9754  Doctoral Candidate 
Faculty of Medicine, common  30.09.2020 
9638  Postdoctoral Researcher (research group of Dr Teemu Niiranen) 
Institute of Clinical Medicine  30.09.2020 
9739  Fixed term position of a Senior Researcher at the Research Unit for the Sociology of Education (RUSE) 
Department of Social Research  09.10.2020 
9733  Postdoctoral researcher 
Department of Biology  10.10.2020 
9721  Doctoral candidate/Postdoctoral researcher fixed-term position 
Faculty of Science and Engineering, common  12.10.2020 
9769  Associate or Assistant Professor (tenure track) in Business and Entrepreneurship 
Pori Unit  16.10.2020 
9720  Senior research fellow (tenure track core facility head) in proteomics 
Turku Bioscience Centre  31.10.2020