ID   Heading   Unit   Application deadline  
8594  Postdoctoral Researcher/Senior Researcher for a fixed-term position 
Department of Physics and Astronomy  24.02.2020 
8633  Doctoral candidate/project researcher fixed-term position (geography) 
Department of Geography and Geology  24.02.2020 
8741  Senior Reseacher for a Finnish heritage diseases project 
Institute of Biomedicine  28.02.2020 
8719  Post-Doctoral Researcher/Biochemistry for a fixed-term employment for 2.5 years 
Department of Biochemistry  29.02.2020 
8753  Director of the Finnish Centre for Astronomy with ESO (FINCA) 
Finnish Centre for Astronomy with ESO  12.03.2020 
8745  Professor of Medical Engineering for five year fixed term 
Institute of Biomedicine  27.03.2020 
8634  5 Postdoctoral Researcher fixed-term positions (TIAS) 
Development Services  30.03.2020