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Heading Unit Application deadline
Doctoral student position 2018-2021, Evolutionary Genomics/ Statistical Genetics 
Other  23.11.2017 
IT-tukihenkilön tehtävä, Oulun yliopiston normaalikoulu 
Faculty of Education  03.11.2017 
Kliininen opettaja (2 kpl), anestesiologia 
Faculty of Medicine  23.11.2017 
Senior research Fellow / University Researcher, Biomedical Engineering (5 years), Faculty of Medicine, University of Oulu 
Faculty of Medicine  24.11.2017 
Doctoral student position for Biochemistry/ Structural Biology, 4-year position 2018-2021 
Other  08.11.2017 
Doctoral student position for Developmental Biology, 4-year position 2018-2021 
Other  23.11.2017 
Doctoral student position for Endothelial Cell and Vascular Biology; 4-year position 2018-2021 
Other  24.11.2017 
Tenure track and postdoctoral researcher, Materials and Production Engineering 
Faculty of Technology  06.11.2017 
Tenure Track, Process Metallurgy 
Faculty of Technology  06.11.2017 
Tenure track, Nano and Molecular Systems 
Faculty of Science  06.11.2017 
Project manager, Arvot - arvioinnilla taitavaksi -hanke 
Faculty of Education  05.11.2017 
Tutkijatohtori, Ekologia ja genetiikka 
Faculty of Science  01.11.2017 
Two doctoral student positions, NMR spectroscopy 
Faculty of Science  15.11.2017 
Yliopistotutkija, luonnonmaantiede 
Faculty of Science  06.11.2017 
Postdoctoral reseacher position, biochemistry and cell biology 
Faculty of Medicine  17.11.2017 
Lecturer, Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing 
Oulu Mining School  06.11.2017 
Doctoral student, biology 
Faculty of Science  15.11.2017 
PhD student, Freshwater Ecology 
Faculty of Science  15.11.2017 
PhD Student, Macroecology 
Faculty of Science  15.11.2017 
Doctoral student, water resources research 
Faculty of Technology  15.11.2017 
Six tenure track Assistant Professor positions in computer vision and artificial intelligence 
Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering  30.11.2017 
Doctoral student position in the Research Unit of Medical Imagining, Physics and Technology, Faculty of Medicine 
Faculty of Medicine  10.11.2017 
Postdoctoral position, Climate and Atmospheric Effects of the Sun in Arctic Regions (CAESAR) 
Other  06.11.2017 
Planstelle eines Professors für Germanische Philologie 
Faculty of Humanities  13.11.2017 
Five Tenure track Positions in Software Engineering – All levels: Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor 
Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering  30.11.2017 
University lecturer, cultural anthropology 
Faculty of Humanities  01.11.2017 
Postdoctoral Researcher, Ecology and Genetics 
Faculty of Science  01.12.2017 
University lecturer, Information behaviour and/or information literacy and digital environments 
Faculty of Humanities  31.10.2017 
PhD student position in epithelial cancer cell biology 
Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine  28.10.2017 
Professor of English Philology 
Faculty of Humanities  23.10.2017